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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Into the Fray:

I don't know what it is, but whenever I am about to compete or grapple against people I don't know, I feel so alive. People often question my motives for "fighting" and doing MMA, and I'm starting to get more comfortable with my answer. To outsiders, it is seen as a spectacle and a brutal, egotistical act of violence. For me, it is the opposite. I feel such a strong connection with the sport (either MMA or BJJ). The state of mind I fall into before competing is unreal. A tedious balance between anxious excitement and painful dread. And a weird, unexplainable romantic feeling. I feel like at this moment, this is what I was meant be doing.

If you can't tell, I'm about to try out. I'm nervous as hell, and have no idea what to expect. But I do know that I will give it my all and not have any regrets. I love this feeling.

Ps- don't mind the random thoughts and incomplete senses, sprinkled with some bad grammar and cliches. I'm nervous, alright?! Wish me luck!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Reaching out.

I'm feeling pretty emotional and philosophical right now, for some reason. It seems that whenever I workout, my feelings about everything are launched into some sort of romantic daze. So bear in mind that I'm writing this post-workout and in my "enhanced" (yeah right) state.

Yesterday morning, while I was stumbling through Facebook and its many nooks and crannies, I came across some horrible news. My buddy Brandon's brother, Cody, was killed yesterday in a hunting accident. I'm not sure what happened exactly, all I know is that it was a sudden and tragic thing. My first thought after I found out is that I had to reach out to Brandon. I sent him a text telling him that I knew what he was feeling and that if he needed anyone to talk to, I was there. He texted me back shortly and seemed very grateful. Brandon and I actually bonded several years ago over the fact that we both lost a parent. When he was younger, his father dropped dead in front of him of some sort of brain/heart failure. Not sure exactly, but after my mom was killed he reached out and made this known to me and also made it known that he was always there to talk. Brandon was by no means the first person to reach out to me like this, but he was one of the first people I truly connected with because I knew that he had already experienced it.

Losing people is the hardest fucking thing imaginable. On any level. Be it losing touch with a good friend or losing a family member in an accident, it is never easy. That person will always have a little bit of your heart, so to say. It sounds cliché and stupid, but I truly believe that.

I started out writing this with a basic outline of what I wanted to say and how I wanted to present it, but it's turned into more of a random free-write. I'm tired, hungover from Frosh week, and a bad writer. 

Something that I've been dealing with lately is telling people about my mother's death. Being in a new environment obviously means you're going to meet more people, and everyone is interested in your life. I feel sort of awkward telling people about her being dead, but not because I don't want people knowing or anything, just cause every time I do, they get uncomfortable and feel like an ass for putting me in a situation where I had to think about it. I have come to peace with it. Fuck. I WANT  to talk about it, her, and anything to do with her. It has been five years, and yes it will always be a hard thing to talk about, but I'd rather talk about her and think about her than have her memory be a giant elephant in the room. So if you are reading this, please take me seriously; ask me about it if you are comfortable, talk to me about it if you can. It means a lot. I don't feel like you really know me unless you know about that. It is such a huge part of my life that it is to be taken seriously and not ignored.

To wrap this up, I want to say that I am loving life. I wake up every day feeling positive, excited to meet new people, learn more things, and try to be a little better. There are obviously still ups and downs in my life, but I feel like the luckiest person alive. McGill seems to be an amazing fit for me, although I'll comment on that again once I'm taking classes. For being such a huge school, they do a good job of making you seem unique and making it feel small most of the time. Montreal is absolutely beautiful, and campus is really nice. More than anything, the people are what makes it great. Everyone is so smart, open-minded, and kind.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Alright, I am by NO means a good cook or chef or anything, I'm just gonna be trying to document the foods I create that taste somewhat alright. They are mostly healthy, and nice alternatives to "normal people" food. Please feel free to link me to recipe pages and blogs if you think I might like it. I have found a couple good blogs with recipes. is a pretty good one, and kinda inspired me to try finding healthy alternatives.

Almond protein pancakes:

Looks just like a normal pancake!

So the first time I made these, they were delicious and seemed like they were didn't need tweaking! That is, until I started pouring them on the griddle. They were a mess! Completely losing shape and no chance in hell of getting a clean flip. I quickly added an egg to the remaining batter with the idea that an egg would make them hold together a bit better. It worked for that, but then it just tasted like I was eating a scrambled egg.

Anyways, I've made these about four times, tweaking it every time, and I will post the recipe from my best time. I took some pictures of the latest attempt, but they were by no means the best. I will post the pictures from that one, but the ingredients will be a bit different.


  • 25 almonds (1 oz.) ground up in a blender until it's sort of flour-like
  • 30 g protein (I used Optimum Nutrition's casein protein, as it is nice and thick)
  • 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites (beaten together)
  • 125 g cottage cheese (for a tastier version, try Greek yogurt)
  • can add craisins in the blender with almonds, if you'd like it a bit sweeter.
  • banana goes GREAT with these. I used 1/2 to keep the sugar content down.
  • dash of vanilla extract
  • pinch of baking powder
  • 1/4-1/2 cup water


  1. Grind up the almonds into a meal, but not so much that it's dusty.
  2. In a bowl, mix together the almond meal, casein protein, baking powder, and anything else you'd like that is dry (cacao powder, craisins, flax seed, etc.).
  3. In a separate bowl, mix together cottage cheese (or yogurt), beaten eggs, vanilla extract, and mashed up banana.
  4. Add the dry mix to the wet mix, slowly stirring until it is all relatively uniform. 
  5. You will probably need to add some water to the mixture, to make it more batter-like. Just add a little bit at a time, mixing and stirring until you think it's good. Don't add too much or it will cause your pancakes to fall apart while cooking. Thicker than you'd probably usually do with normal pancake batter.
  6. Ready to cook! PAM a pan at a low-medium heat, and then pour mixture on. Warning: these pancakes are a bit slower than normal ones, and take some baby-ing while flipping. I guarantee 75% of you will fail the first time you try these, but it won't matter because it's still delicious as a big sloppy pile.
These are nothing too special, but tasty and pretty quick to make. If you have any suggestions on how to make them better, please share.

If you are interested, here are the approximate nutritional values for the pancakes:

Take this with a grain of salt.

According to the recipe above, it should look like this.

With 100% cacao powder added in and Greek yogurt on top.

2012 Pan BJJ workouts: 2/27-3/19

Pretty much just gonna post my diet and my training. I have been writing down everything BJJ related too, but can't be bothered to write down each technique I've been drilling. These next couple posts are more for me than anything; gonna be much easier in the five years to come check my blog history than to dig around for a ripped up spiral notebook.

From New Years until the middle of February, I was on a pretty good lifting routine. Lots of the compound lifts (deadlifts, squats, bench press, pulls, power cleans, standing press). Gained quite a bit of weight on these lifts; I mention the specific numbers in one of my previous blogs. Starting when I got back to Sydney, I began a conditioning crack, getting ready for the Pans. I also knew I had to drop a couple pounds by the tournament. 10 pounds, actually.

My conditioning has been comprised of lots of rowing, high intensity interval training, and lots of muscular endurance workouts. The first two weeks I was doing two-a-day workouts; medium intensity, high volume. After that phase, I began upping the intensity and decreasing the volume.

Monday, February 27th: 

Warm-up: 15 min row @ 2:10 pace
-----2 min rest-----
Row: 5x150m @ 90% effort (w/ one minute rest intervals)
-----5 min rest-----
-----10 min rest-----
Drill: 10 rounds; 10 hip escape, 10 sit out, 10 forward/backward crawl

Warm-up: 15 min run to gym

AMRAP 10: 9 rounds + 5 l/r KB swings
 -10 KB swings (each side), 30 single unders

Tuesday, February 28th:
Warm-up: 15 min row @ 2:10 pace

AMRAP 12: 10 rounds
 -Sandbag (44 kg) to shoulder (2 each side), 6 clapping push-ups, lunge (10 L/10 R)

AMRAP 10: 9 rounds + 10 H2H
 -10 H2H swing, 10 figure 8

Wednesday, February 29th:
Rest day. Much needed.

Thursday, March 1st: 
Warm-up: 15 min row @ 2:10 pace, 20 strict pull-ups

Hill sprints:
 -10x50m intervals (w/ 30 sec rest between each interval)
-----10 minute rest-----
 -10x50m intervals
-----5 minute rest-----

5 rounds: 3:50 @ 60 kg w rest included
 -3 clean pull, 3 hang power clean, 3 push press (30 seconds rest after each round)

Friday, March 2nd:
Warm-up: 15 min row @ 2:10 pace, 20 strict pull-ups

10x2 minute sandbag (44 kg) rounds: ~6-10 slams per 2 min. round
 -pick up, throw down, sprawl to side control, move to north/south position, move to opposite side control, knee on belly, repeat (one minute rest between rounds)


Saturday, March 3rd: 

Sunday, March 4th:

Monday, March 5th:

Warm-up: 12 min row @ 2:05 pace

Row: 4x150m @ 95%
-----5 minute rest-----

AMRAP 8: 4 rounds @ 24 kg kettlebell
 -10 two-hand KB swing, 5 one-hand KB swing (each side), 5 clean KB (each side), 5 thruster KB (each side)

BJJ class later.

Tuesday, March 6th:

Warm-up: 12 min row @ 2:05 pace

5x3 minute rounds:
 -pick up sandbag, throw as far as possible, run to it, burpee, repeat. (2.5 minute rest between rounds)

4 km light run

Wednesday, March 7th:

Thursday, March 8th:
Warm-up: 12 min row @ 2:05

Hill sprints: 50 meters w/ 30 sec rest
-----10 minute rest-----

WOD: 62.5 kg (30 seconds rest between each round)
 -5 rounds of; 3 power clean, 3 front squat, 3 push press

Friday, March 9th:
Was supposed to do workout below, but was feeling overtrained and took a rest day. Well.... BJJ too.
Warm-up: 12 min row @ 2:05

6x3 min rounds of sandbag grappling workout (mentioned above, on Friday, March 2nd)

Saturday, March 10th: 

Sunday, March 11th: 

Monday, March 12th:
BJJ in the morning.

Warm-up: 12 min row @ 1:55 pace

Squat: 140 kg x 3
Pull-up: 7.5 kg x3x10

 -15x60m (w/ 30 sec rest intervals)

Tuesday, March 13th: 
Warm-up: 12 min row @ 1:55

Power clean: 95 kg x6x2 (w/ 1 minute rest between sets)

Barbell complex: 5 rounds with a 5 kg gain each round, and 5 minutes between rounds. No letting go of the bar.
 -8 Romanian deadlifts, 8 hang power clean, 8 front squat, 8 push press, 8 back squat, 8 good-mornings:
   -started with 37.5 kg, ended at 57.5 kg

Wednesday, March 14th:

Thursday, March 15th:
Warm-up: 12 min row @ 1:55

Press: 70 kg x 3
Dips (4 count: 2s down, 2s up): 3x10 @ BW

WODx2: 2:24, 5 minute rest, 2:19
12-9-6: 24 kg KB swing, squat, pull-up
-----5 minute rest-----
4x: 50 ft. bear crawl, 25 sit-ups

Friday, March 16th: 
Warm-up: 12 min row @ 1:55

Power clean: 100 kg x6x2
Deadlift: 150 kg x 3

For time:
1000 m row: 3:35
-----5 minute rest-----
750 m row: 2:29
-----5 minute rest-----
500 m row: 1:39


Saturday, March 17th:

Sunday, March 18th:

Monday, March 19th:

Warm-up: Row 1k easy

Row: 2k @ 7:07

Barbell complex: 5 rounds with these weights: 40 kg, 50 kg, 55 kg, 60 kg, 65 kg. 5 minutes between rounds. No letting go of the bar. 
 -8 Romanian deadlifts, 8 hang power clean, 8 front squat, 8 push press, 8 back squat, 8 good-mornings: 

5 rounds: 25 sit-ups, 10 back extensions

Tuesday, March 20th:
Rest. A bit of a a sore throat has been annoying me since Saturday.

Wednesday, March 20th:
Rest. Flying home to California. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 Pan BJJ diet: 2/27-3/20

Pretty much just gonna post my diet and my training. I have been writing down everything BJJ related too, but can't be bothered to write down each technique I've been drilling. These next couple posts are more for me than anything; gonna be much easier in the five years to come check my blog history than to dig around for a ripped up spiral notebook.


As far as vitamins: GNC brand multivitamin, calcium, potassium, 12 fish oil capsules, glucosamine, magnesium. For supplements, I don't take much: 5 mg creatine, BCAAs during every workout, scoop of casein protein before bed, whey protein after workouts, and recently I've been adding in a scoop of a carb-heavy PWO drink to the whey.

Overall, I try to eat mostly paleo, haven't had grains in about three weeks. I still crave them a lot but I have gotten good at resisting. It seems like after about a week of forcing myself to turn down sweets and unhealthy food, it gets much easier. Also much easier to do because I have a goal, the tournament, AND I  have to be at a certain weight (194.5 lbs w/ kimono).

For the first two weeks I tried to really cut out carbs completely, except for vegetables and what little carbs come from nuts. I found that my body couldn't keep up and I felt myself weakening, so tweaked my diet a little bit and added in PWO carbs in the form of dextrose. Feel much better after that, and I have also added a little bit of fruit in my diet. Nothing too crazy and almost always after a workout.

Almost all of my food is organic. Occasionally I can't find organic veggies, but that's that. Organic is much more expensive, but very worth the extra cost. I will note if it's not organic. Also, I rarely give an amount to my vegetables, and that is because I just try and fill half of my plate, every meal, with veggies.

Monday, February 27th: 91.8 kg @ ~13.5% bf (not a legit bf test, but will be relative loss that I'm after)
  • 1030: 2 egg whites, 1 egg, 1 cup raw cabbage, 75 g beef, 1/2 tbsp. olive oil, 100 g tomato
  • 1400: PWO 30 g whey, 125 g cottage cheese
  • 1600: 150 g chicken breast, 1/2 tbsp. olive oil, chinese broccoli "pok choi"
  • 1830: PWO 30 g whey 
  • 1900: 50 g lamb sausage, 150 g chicken breast, pok choi, peas, carrots
  • 2300: 30 g casein
Tuesday, February 28th:
  • 0815: 50 g muesli, 100 g light Greek yogurt
  • 1400: PWO 40 g whey
  • 1515: 2 eggs, 150 g beef mince, broccoli
  • 1700: 1 oz mixed nuts
  • 1745: PWO 30 g whey
  • 2030: 50 g chicken breast
  • 2200: 50 g salmon fillet, 50 g chicken leg, beetroot, slice of tomato, egg, 100 g beef, broccoli
  • 2300: 30 g casein
Wednesday, February 29th:
  • 0900: 50 g muesli with 1/2 oz almonds, 100 g light Greek yogurt
  • 1145: Bean sprout stirfry, 100 g lean beef, 100 g chicken breast, 3 eggs
  • 1545: 100 g beef, broccoli, 2 cups raw spinach
  • 1815: 100 g beef, broccoli
  • 2200: 2 tbsp. nuts, one dried fig
  • 2315: 30 g casein
Thursday, March 1st:
  • 1000: 50 g muesli, 1 tbsp. PB2 (yum, for what it is), 100 g light Greek yogurt
  • 1200: 1 oz mixed nuts
  • 1500: PWO 30 g whey 
  • 1615: 50 g cottage cheese, 100 g smoked salmon, 1 egg, 2 egg whites, grilled green beans
  • 1815: 2 cups chicken/veggie stew
    • red peppers, broccoli, carrots, eggplant, tomatoes, 50 g chicken sausage, 100 g chicken breast
  • 1830: 100 g light Greek yogurt
  • 2030: 35 g casein
Friday, March 2nd: 
  • 1000: 2 eggs, 1 egg white, scallions, asparagus, 150 g chicken breast
  • 1300: PBJJ 30 g whey
  • 1600: PWO 30 g whey
  • 1715: Asparagus, 50 g muesli, 100 g yogurt (from now on, assume *light Greek), 10 almonds, 5 walnuts
  • 1930: Coconut milk w/ chicken breast and shrimp, veggie stir fry, 100 g yogurt
  • 2230: 2 tbsp PB2, 30 g casein
Saturday, March 3rd: 
  • 0815: 50 g muesli, 100 g yogurt
  • 1315: PBJJ 30 g whey
  • 1345: Chinese cabbage, 200 g chicken breast
  • 1715: 5 Brazil nuts (yum), 5 almonds, 30 g whey
  • 1900: 150 g chicken, cabbage, 10 mixed nuts
  • 2115: 5 nuts
  • 2030: 2 eggs, 100 g cottage cheese
  • 2300: 30 g casein
Sunday, March 4th: 
  • 1000: 2 eggs, 2 whites, 50 g cottage cheese
  • 1300: 30 g whey, 18 almonds
  • 1615: 250 g grilled fish, Greek salad
  • 1830: 150 g grilled chicken, chinese cabbage w/ 1 cup chicken spaghetti sauce on top (homemade)
  • 2230: 30 g casein, 10 g whey
Monday, March 5th: 89.1 kg @ 13.1%
  • 0815: 60 g muesli, 2 tbsp. PB2
  • 1000: PWO 30 g whey, 2/3 Aussie Bodies HPLC bar
  • 1130: 1 apple, 150 g carrot
  • 1400: 175 g chicken breast, Chinese pok choy
  • 1600: PWO 30 g whey, 2 Medjool dates
  • 1700: 80 g chicken, 100 g yogurt, 50 g cottage cheese, 15 almonds
  • 1900: 2 chicken thighs, 1 small pork sausage, cabbage stir-fry, tomato and cucumber salad
  • 2115: 30 g casein, 200 g yogurt
Tuesday, March 6th: 
  • 1015: 2 eggs, 1 white, 100 g chicken breast, pok choy, carrot
  • 1300: 15 almonds, carrot
  • 1500: PWO 30 g whey
  • 1530: 100 g lean beef mince, broccoli
  • 1730: 50 g beef, mushrooms, 15 almonds
  • 1830: 2 cups veggie and chicken stir-fry
  • 2200: 45 g casein, 150 g yogurt, 10 g whey
Wednesday, March 7th: 
  • 0930: 50 g muesli, small nectarine, 100 g yogurt, broccoli, fried egg
  • 1400: PBJJ 30 g whey, broccoli, 150 g lean beef w/ mushrooms
  • 1700: 25 almonds, 30 g whey
  • 1930: 100 g trout, salad w/ olive oil dressing, 12 steamed asparagus spears
  • 2220: 30 g casein, 5 almonds
Thursday, March 8th:
  • 0815: 3 almond protein pancakes (homemade, recipe here)
  • 1130: PWO 30 g whey
  • 1315: 200 g chicken breast w/ mushrooms, broccoli, 1/2 tbsp. elderflower cordial (yum, been looking for this for YEARS. Had to buy it, and had a tiny little bit. Pure sugar...)
  • 1430: 13 almonds, small nectarine, 30 g whey, 250 mL soy milk
  • 1900: 200 g chicken breast, broccoli
  • 2130: 10 almonds, 10 walnuts, 30 g casein
Friday, March 9th:
  • 0900: 75 g muesli, 1/2 unripe pear, 200 g yogurt, 5 walnuts, 125 mL soy, 30 g whey
  • 1400: PBJJ 25 raw almonds, 30 g whey, 125 mL soy milk, carrot, pear
  • 1600: 150 g rump steak, 2 cups pok choy
  • 2100: 3 almond pancakes (homemade)
Saturday, March 10th: too much food today
  • 0930: 2 eggs, 5 almonds, 30 g whey, 150 mL soy milk, 100 g yogurt, 75 g muesli
  • 1230: 3 cups veggies, 100 g chicken breast, 2 artichoke hearts (in oil, tried to let drip off though), 1/6 avocado, 1 tbsp hummus
  • 1700: Homemade Greek salad, 150 g chicken breast, 125 g cottage cheese
  • 2130: 3 homemade pancakes w/ 1/2 banana (newer recipe)
Sunday, March 11th:
  • 1015: 100 g chicken breast, bowl of salad
  • 1315: 100 g chicken breast, veggies, 125 g cottage cheese, 10 walnuts
  • 1600: 125 g cottage cheese, 20 g whey, 15 g casein, 1/2 banana, small plum
  • 1815: 8 raw macadamia nuts
  • 2000: Roasted lamb shoulder, carrots, spinach
Monday, March 12th: 88.1 kg @ 12.8%
  • 0900: 25 g muesli, 1 chicken pancake (homemade, recipe here), 2 cups salad mix 
  • 1345: PBJJ 25 g whey, 3/4 scoop isomass
  • 1430: 1 homemade chicken pancake, 2 cups salad mix
  • 1645: 1/2 carrot
  • 1830: PWO 40 g whey, 1 scoop isomass
  • 2015: Asparagus, 1 chicken pancake
  • 2200: 4 macadamia nuts, 30 g casein, 2 tbsp. full fat Greek yogurt, 1/2 tbsp. almond butter
Tuesday, March 13th:
  • 0615: 2 eggs, 2 whites, 100 g sliced ham, 125 g cottage cheese
  • 1000: 10 macadamia nuts, 30 almonds, 10 dried cranberries
  • 1300: 100 g chicken breast, spinach salad w/ mango, pineapple, and soy vinegar dressing
  • 1615: 1 carrot, 1 tbsp. almond butter, 75 g chicken breast
  • 1915: PWO 1.25 scoop isomass, 40 g whey
  • 2045: 100 g chicken breast, asparagus, 3 macadamia nuts
Wednesday, March 14th:
  • 0915: 2 eggs, 2 whites, 100 g sliced ham, 125 g cottage cheese
  • 1345: PWO 2 scoops isomass, 30 g whey
  • 1500: 100 g chicken breast, salad, 3 macadamia nuts
  • 1800: Three almond pancakes
  • 2100: 1 stalk celery, 1 tbsp. almond butter, 1 tbsp. trail mix 
Thursday, March 15th:
  • 1200: 2 eggs, 2 whites, 125 g cottage cheese, 150 g sliced ham/turkey, 1/4 tbsp. almond butter
  • 1600: PWO 2.5 scoop isomass, 15 g whey, 1/2 cup cacao granola (delicious, but not buying it again until after the tourney because it's so tempting)
  • 1700: 100 g chicken breast, 3 macadamia nuts
  • 2000: Egg and chicken crepe square, 25 g chicken satay, 25 g beef satay, shrimp curry, 50 g lean beef
  • 2230: 100 g full yogurt, 30 g casein, 1 tbsp cacao powder, 1/4 tbsp. almond butter
Friday, March 16th:
  • 0945: 2 eggs, 2 whites, 100 g turkey, 50 g full yogurt, 3/8 cup cacao granola, 1/2 tbsp. almond butter
  • 1330: 100 g yogurt, 5/8 cup cacao granola, 1/2 banana
  • 1630: PWO 1/4 scoop whey, 1.25 scoop isomass
  • 1800: 2 cups serving homemade chicken/trout curry (recipe here), pok choy, 5 macadamia nuts
Saturday, March 17th:
  • 0830: 3 eggs, 1 white, bowl of pok choy
  • 1400: PBJJ Brazilian churrascaria BBQ: (this is a very vague attempt to capture the deliciousness that I experienced) Various types of salad, 1 kg meat, 250 mL acai bowl
  • 2100: 1 carrot, 45 g casein, 2 tbsp. almond butter, 2 tbsp. cacao powder
Sunday, March 18th:
  • 1030: Egg and chorizo scramble (I'm guessing 3-4 eggs), 2"x1" slice of sourdough toast (just a bite, really)
  • 1400: 2 cups homemade chicken/trout curry, 10 green grapes, bowl of pok choy
  • 1730: 5 macadamia nuts, 6 almonds, 1 carrot, 1/2 cup cacao granola, 75 g yogurt
  • 1930: 1/2 chicken breasty (75 g or so), 50 chicken sausage, 1 lamb chop, 1 chicken leg, plate of veggies
Monday, March 19th:
  • 0930: 2 eggs, 2 whites, 125 g cottage cheese
  • 1330: 1.25 scoop isomass, 1/4 scoop whey
  • 1630: 2 cups chicken curry
  • 1800: 1 tbsp. almond butter, 5 mac nuts, 3 tbsp. trail mix, 8 grapes, 50 g yogurt
  • 1930: 2 cups chicken curry, lots of salad, 15 green beans
  • 2300: 100 g yogurt, 2 tbsp. cacao, 30 g whey
Tuesday, March 20th:
  • 1100: 2 homemade pancakes (tweaked the recipe a bit. Put the numbers into my calorie counter and found out it was about 850 calories :/ so much for healthy)
  • 1415: 1/2 chicken breast (huge chicken breasts, still about 100 g), 3 cups steamed broccoli, 6 macadamia nuts
  • 1700: 10 almonds, 10 green grapes, 30 g whey
  • 2130: 30 g casein, 125 g cottage cheese
Wednesday, March 21st:
  • 0800: 3 eggs, 1 white, 125 g cottage cheese, 25 g smoked salmon
  • 1115: 2 cups chicken salmon curry, 3 cups steamed broccoli

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Pre-BJJ competition training/diet: phase one

As I am starting this log late, here were the first couple weeks of my training and diet for 2012:

From mid-January to mid-February, I focused heavily on a strength program called The Texas Method. My good friend Leon Robotham from London [edit: NOT London ;), Newcastle upon Tyne], referred the program to me. Leon is a great guy-- blue belt in jiujitsu and a badass strength and conditioning coach. He co-owns a small hybrid MMA/BJJ/Crossfit gym in London called The Faktory, put together by him and a couple long-time friends. Pretty cool to see how successful it is, especially because opening a gym has always been one of my dreams. More on that later...!

Anyways... the program revolved mostly around five compound lifts: the bench press, squat, deadlift, power clean and press. I--with a complete modified program given to me by Leon--began this when I was back in California with my brother. Here are the numbers I started with (I started with pounds, then switched to kilos because I went to Australia):

  • BW of about 205 pounds (93 kg)
    • Bench: 225x3x5
    • Squat: 245x3x5
      • Deep squat. As low as possible.
    • Deadlift: 355x5
    • Power clean: 185x5x3
      • Not a clean, a power clean. 
    • Press: 160x3x5
      • Was supposed to be doing strict press, but throughout all of my workouts I mistakenly did push press, which uses the knee to help get the weight up.
    • Front squat: 205x2x5
      • Deep as possible.
Here are my numbers from January 23rd-February 15th, when I began traveling and couldn't find a gym:

  • BW of 203 pounds (92 kg)
    • Bench: 112.5kgx3x5 (about 250 pounds)
    • Squat: 130x3x5 (about 285 pounds)
    • Deadlift: 170x5 (about 375 pounds)
    • Power clean: 92.5x5x3 (about 205 pounds)
    • Press: 75x3x5 (165 pounds, but a useless comparison)
    • Front squat: 105x2x5 (about 230 pounds)
As for my BJJ, I tried to train as much as possible, which was not always easy. While I was in Los Angeles with my brother, I trained at Renato Magno's gym, Street Sports BJJ. Great gym, very welcoming and I will definitely go there next time I'm in LA. Renato trained with Dennis Asche, who recommended I stop by there and check it out. Thanks again, Dennis. I learned a lot there, and was able to maintain a pretty consistent schedule for two weeks. Australia on the other hand was much more complicated. Took me about a week to find a school, and even then I decided it wasn't for me. Even though I was lifting a lot and staying in good shape, it was jiujitsu shape. When I flew up to Cairns, on the Northeastern coast of Oz, I trained two nights at Fusion Fight and Fitness with my friend Gus from Rio. Great gym, and a good group of lower belts. It was kind of nice to be able to impose my will again because it had been a while. I'm still used to Brazil where I would get smashed every day by black and brown belts! After I left Cairns, finding good jits got even harder, and it was hard to find a gym too. I eventually conceded to the fact that I would not be able to train until I got back to Sydney. A hard thing to admit to myself, as any of you BJJers know. It's a bug.

I got back to Sydney on the 26th of February, and that is when the real training started.

Here are a couple pictures from Cairns:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Popping my blog cherry:

Okay-- I've decided; after many months of pussyfooting around, I have decided that I will do my best to keep up on my life with a blog. I have been keeping a fairly steady journal for the past couple months in which I blabber on about cool things I've done or seen, people I've met, and my training/diet. Ideally I'd have kept a blog from the minute I left Alaska in mid-October. Life being life and me being... well... me, it did not pan out this way.

My girlfriend asked me what exactly a blog is for, and after thinking about it a bit, I've come up with a list of reasons why I am going to do this:

1. I am slightly OCD and for some reason my life feels more in order when I am writing it down. If you don't believe me, check out my recent day to day budget breakdown. OCD.

2. For keepsake. I think that in 10-20 years when blogging is a distant memory, I will be able to look back on my life and see the changes that have occurred in both myself and the world. It is always fun to find a journal from when I was a child, so why would this blog be any different?

3. I do not really have motivation problems, to be honest, but I definitely will be more motivated to keep up with my diet/fitness, schoolwork, and work, if people I know and like are reading this (or even if I think they are reading, which will more likely be the case).

4. To give my friends and family who actually do care what is going on my life a window to see at least a bit of it. I am awful at keeping in touch with most people, and I hope that this will help. Plus it allows me to practice my writing and maybe even scrape some of the rust off by the time school starts in August.

So enough with the lists and justifications, I am ready to start. Hopefully will be posting once a week. The next couple weeks will be mostly about my training and preparation for the Pan-American Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament coming up at the end of March. I have been documenting my diet down to the tee, and my strength and conditioning as well, and will be continuing to do so as well as posting videos of my BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, get used to that acronym) as well as my workouts. Once the competition is over, I will be putting up videos of me in the competition, so that those of you who still think I do "karate...?!" will understand a little better. If none of what I just said interests you in the slightest, I suggest you wait until after the tournament, when I will begin to try and recount my trip of 2011-2012, and settle back into Alaskan life.

To end this horrible rambling, here is a recent picture of Watson's Bay in Sydney, Australia.